Bipasha upset with Deepika Padukone

A battle is brewing between the actresses on the silver screen right this moment – Bipasha and Deepika. Bipasha, 32, looks peeved at her upcoming film Dum Maaro Dum actress for hogging the focus in the film’s promotions.

The movie’s first look features Deepika Padukone and not her, showing several the impact that Deepika is performing the main character when in fact, she’s. The recognition of the film’s item number featuring Deepika has only included to the fire. Bipasha, in turn, is showing the film’s advertising occasions a miss, and instead endorsing her upcoming Hollywood movie, Singularity. “Bipasha is hectic performing for her movie Singularity, and has performed her bit for DMD,” claims the film’s representative.

Even as Bipasha remains tightlipped about the very clear stress between her and Deepika, she verifies not being part of the advertising campaigns and Bipasha saving the dates for other activities: “It is unlucky, as I am bound by agreement to block the schedules for Singularity. I’m not able to go for the advertisements, but It’s my opinion the main focus and hard work I given to each movie is similar.

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