Bipasha refuses to work with Vivek Oberoi

It seems B-town’s actress Bipasha Basu wants to keep a space from Vivek Oberoi. Bipasha has reportedly rejected to perform an item song with the actor in his movie.

When Bipasha rejected to work with Vivek, the actor considered what happened, but did not bother to discover deep into it. Source told a leading daily, “Vivek thought, if she does not even want to be spotted opposite him in an item song, how is she ever going to be able to perform with him on an entire movie. Hence the makers thought it would be easier to let her go.”

If we dig deep into Bipasha’s this kind of strange frame of mind towards her co-star, then it is clear that one of their advertisement ads that was meant for the Worldwide industry only created a strained connection between the pair. As per sources, since then the pair have been quite not comfortable with each other. So Bipasha rejected to perform along with Vivek.

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