Bipasha blames Madhavan for Jodi Breakers’s failure

After the devastating performance of her most recent film ‘Jodi Breakers’ at the Box Office Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu is apparently accusing her co-actor R. Madhavan for it. The producers allegedly want a sequel to the movie but Bipasha would’ve none of it.

This news comes as a shock to insiders who demand that when the story of the film was narrated to Bipasha she insisted that R Madhavan be cast as the main hero in the film. Also, Bipasha went onto tell everybody around her that R. Madhavan had all the qualities in him to be her Mr Right. During campaigns, she was spotted along with Madhavan at all events.

However, the film, which launched a week ago wasn’t only panned by experts but was a big flop at the box office too. Rumour has it that Bipasha no longer likes to work with Madhavan again and that she’s also demanded that the producers of ‘Jodi Breakers’ drop him from the main role if she’s to feature in it.

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