Bigg Boss 6 contestant calls Salman Khan a ‘serial woman-beater’

In the last seasons of Bigg Boss, we’ve seen the participant’s bad mouth each other in a not-so-tasteful way. However, this season of Bigg Boss, we get to see something quite different. Among the participants, Celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani, is spewing fire on host Salman Khan.

Last Friday when the Bigg Boss contestants were having their weekly rendezvous along with Salman Khan, Salman and Sapna had a minor conflict of words. When Sapna argued that she was not here for the cash, Salman rejected to believe it. When she said she was here to spread a particular message regarding females empowerment, Salman Khan accused her of not passing any such message in the 3 weeks that she’s been on the program.

Sapna is seriously upset by these comments and it’s evident from her behavior in the Bigg Boss house. Apparently, the cuss words utilized by her were edited from the episodes. A top tabloid reported that Sapna had almost emptied her abusive language and had called Salman Khan as a “’serial woman-beater”.

She even said, “If I win the show, I shall purchase his painting and present it to him.”

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