Big B clashes with Jr. Bachchan over Beti B’s name

Big BWhile actress Aishwarya Rai’s little girl Beti B’s name remains a mystery to all, here is the version of the infant’s dad and grandpa’s different statements. Couple of days back, when dad Abhishek Bachchan told that they’ve finalised a name for Beti B and would disclose it shortly, here’s what grandfather Big B had to say.

Replying to a tweet by one of his followers, Amitabh Bachchan mentioned, “ No press is wrong .. name not chosen yet.” Oops, yet another surprise from the Bachchan family. Big B’s fan tweeted, “Sir, I keep hearing a name for BetiB in press. If it’s true, I recommended that name. I think on top of the world.”

Even the news was rife that Beti B’s name might get disclosed after Amitabh gets discharged from the hospital. There have been countless rumors over the little girl’s much-awaited name. Well, now when both grandfather and dad of little girl are different in their statements, there looks no recent expect. Beti B’s name still remains a mstery for us.

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