Bebo gets diet sensible

Bollywood actress Kareena has found out a matchless solution of sustaining her fat. Not too long ago, although shoot her upcoming  in LV she managed to gorge on all her preferred meals and didn’t obtain a pound. If anything, she simply finished up slimming down.

Behind the secret bebo’s diet regime is to engage however with part control and consuming at the proper time and that is precisely what she practiced in Las vegas. Close friend to the actress reveals that people were jealous about Kareena in Vegas since everyone battled to keep a tight diet and Bebo indulged in every thing from the comfort to rissotos just to get into even better figure.

While the team would bash late into the nighttime Bebo would propose a jug of milk a lot to everybody’s shock. The team would go out for drinks Bebo would probable go with them but amusingly Kareena would carry a jug of milk.

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