Bar Manager Doubtful About Salman Khan Being Drunk

With every hearing, the Salman Khan 2002 hit and run case is getting complex. As the trial started, the bar manager of a Juhu liquor bar was presented in court. The manager even though recognizing the actor and his presence in the bar that night maintained that he was doubtful if he saw the actor drinking.

Salman Khan

In a discussion along with the prosecutor, the bar manager said that the actor didn’t look drunk and could even walk accurately. The bar manager claimed that the actor was seen with a glass of without color liquid like water in hand. Earlier too a waiter from the same bar had given a statement of Salman Khan is present at the bar with friends, although it was not sure if the actor taken any drinks.

The bar manager’s statement defied the prosecution’s allegation of Salman Khan being drunk on the night of the mishap.

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