Ban on Salman Khan gets more serious

After a scuffle between photographers and Salman Khan’s safety during a marketing affair last week, situation look to be worsening. The camerapersons reportedly asked for Salman Khan to pose at a particular place, which the actor turned down to do.


A face-off started between the actor’s security detail and the shutterbugs at 10.30pm and continued till 11pm. The coordinators, on the other hand, alleged that shutterbugs were jostling the actor and delaying the function. The issue was later escalated to the Bombay News Photographers Association (BNPA).

After the reports of actor’s boycott came out, Salman Khan wrote tweets that he praised the media person’s stand and expects them to stick to it. Just after this, the BNPA has made a decision to take the tough stand, informing photographers associated along with the body to not click the actor’s pictures at marketing or casual functions.

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