Asin replaces Deepika Padukone in Housefull 2

Ghajini actress Asin has substituted actress Deepika Padukone in Housefull squeal . Asin will play Akki’s love attention in the movie. Evidently, after a lots of failed efforts, director successfully handled to get Asin on board.

News has it that Deepika had opted out of the film to team up with Nadiadwala. Apparently, Dips had certain issues about her times and was not in a position to spend to Khan.

Although, it will be for the 1st time ever that Ghajini actress will be come together with Akshay Kumar. Asin had previously got a chance to romance Akshay when Priyadarshan film. But Asin chose to opt out of it.

And thinking about the fact that apart from ‘Ghajini’ no other B-town movie of Ghajini actress has received at the Box Office.

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