Ashes of Suchitra Immersed By Her Daughter in Ganga

Veteran actress Suchitra Sen was died on January 17 this year. The ashes of Suchitra were immersed in Ganga River today.


Her ashes was immersed by her daughter Moon Moon Sen and granddaughter Riya Sen in the holy river at Assi Ghat here.

Suchitra Sen made her memorable appearances in films like Devdas, Agnipariksha and Saat Paake Bandha. Her career and popularity was shined in 50s and 60s. The doe-eyed beauty turned a recluse after bidding adieu to the world of films in the late seventies and was often compared to Hollywood icon Greta Garbo, who also shunned public contact after leaving showbiz.

Suchitra was died following cardiac arrest. She underwent special treatment and attention in the hospital for several days and was dependent on ventilator. She was 82 years old.

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