Arshad Warsi Learns Kung Fu For Next Flick

Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi might be recognized mainly for his humor and comic timing, but the actor will now also show his acting skills in the next movie ‘Calling Mr. Joe B Carvalho’.

Sources report that Warsi has undergone difficult practicing for the action sequences and even learnt Kung-fu. The source more added that Arshad will be seen in a new character doing some dangerous action sequences in the movie, which is an out and out action comedy. On his part, Warsi accepted that it’s great fun filming for the high-octane action scenes.

Arshad Warsi was last seen performing the role of a bumbling lawyer in Jolly L.L.B, who’s pitted against a legal mastermind, when he makes a decision to get a case re-opened.

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