Arjun Rampal Is The Main reason Why VILLAIN Became ‘Ek Villian’

Arjun Rampal owns the rights to the title ‘Villain’.Because of this, Balaji Motion Pictures couldn’t stick with their first title ‘Villain’ and they changed it to ‘Ek Villain’. Earlier to the campaigns, the movie was actually called ‘Villain’.


Arjun Rampal has been thinking of making a movie with the name ‘Villain’ for quite a while now. However, since there was no development by the actor, Balaji Motion Pictures made a decision to make a movie with the name. Finally, in order to stay away from any type of copyright problems, the production house decided a safer path and opted to keep the name ‘EkVillain’.

Arjun Rampal is still keen to make the movie ‘Villain’with Vivek Rangachari of DAR Motion Pictures saying that they were contacted by Arjun for the same.

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