Arjun Kapoor To Go To Cookery School?

Arjun Kapoor has been very vocal about the close connection that he shared with his late mom Mona Kapoor. Arjun has already recognized himself as an actor and has a bright future ahead of him in Bollywood. He’s now planning on taking a sabbatical for 2-3 months to study abroad.

2 States

It was his mom’s desire to send him abroad to study and Arjun wants to fulfill this desire. Hence, the actor wants to go someplace where he can remain unidentified. Considering most of his friends have a background in film studies, it is normal to assume that Arjun Kapoor will also go the same route. Arjun Kapoor, however, has other plans. The actor is a big foodie and he is keen on doing a cookery course.

It is not rare for actors take off for an escape from the madness of Bollywood.

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