Arjun Kapoor Announced National Ambassador for Earth Hour 2014

Bollywood’s new and talented face, Arjun Kapoor has been named the national ambassador of the Earth Hour to be observed on 29th of March.

The actor, who recently worked in Gunday, says he is glad that he can influence young minds and bring positive change.


At an event of Earth Hour, Arjun said; “Being a youth icon and influencing people is always good. But this (the Earth Hour) is something important because I can create an impression on people’s minds and that can bring a change in our country.”

Under the Earth Hour initiative, citizens are asked to switch off all electricity for an hour. This year, it will be observed on Saturday (March 29) from 8.30PM to 9.30PM.

“If someone gets influenced by a pledge I take, then these are the things I want to do. So I am really grateful to be given this opportunity,” he added.

The 28-year-old also does his part in keeping the environment green. He and his sister Anshula are fond of planting.

I plant as many trees and plants as possible. It is something my mother was very fond of doing and even my sister. My sister started this in school and we have continued it. Greenery is vanishing by leaps and bounds, and that’s something I have been intrigued by since childhood. I would like to have a garden, but in Mumbai it’s impossible to have one. So we have a garden on the terrace,” the actor said, who will next be seen in 2 States opposite Alia Bhatt.

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