Anushka Sharma purchases a 7,000 square feet apartment

Anushka SharmaActress Anushka Sharma has come in Mumbai. Or so she can say now that she’s purchased a top floor abode in a suburban high rise. The expansive 7000 square foot apartment has a beautiful sea view from all around. While she’s a space carved out for herself, it also allows her to live with her mother and father and brother whose spaces she’s created, remember their preferences. Staying with her family in one place is something that Anushka Sharma always wanted.

The house has an unusual eclectic feel to it and things from Anushka Sharma’s many sojourns from around the world. She’s ensured that everything has a specific place in the house, along with an individual corner where she can read. She also desired a comic element in the artifacts so that they always make her smile when she’s relaxing at home.

She’s just moved into her home recently but the actress laments that she hasn’t spent plenty of time in her dream house due to her frequent outdoor shooting schedules.

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