Anurag Kashyap slams Salman Khan

Salman KhanBollywood hit film Dabangg provided Abhinav Kashyap a chance to show his directorial ability and provided him the much require acknowledgement and adulation. But as points appeared to get greater and greater for Abhinav ,what came as a irritating surprise was his ouster from ‘Dabangg’.

Not able to tolerate the treatment meted out to his sibling, big brother Anurag Kashyap tweeted on his social media user profile Saturday night time, “Salman Khan believes he developed my brother`s career. Wish he is doing exactly the same for Arbaaz when he is doing Dabangg 2. Best Wishes.”

And this plainly suggests that older Kashyap is totally miffed with the Khan siblings. Anurag also indicated his belief in his smaller brother’s skills. Salman Khan brother Arbaaz will be leading the ‘Dabangg’ franchise. News has it that throughout the producing of ‘Dabangg 1’, the Khans had numerous issues with Abhinav Kashyap over his direction abilities.

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