Angry Katrina Kaif unleashs fury at air hostess

Katrina Kaif turned brat throwing tantrums whilst on a flight not long ago. The actress apparently rebuked an airhostess for doing just her duty. When a flight attendant asked the actress to fasten her seat belt, the airhostess got a surprise of her life for being chided by the actress.The exhausted actress fell into deep slumber the moment she took her first class seat of an airplane.

As the plane started to take off, the airhostess asked for Katrina to straighten her seat and put on her seatbelt. But Katrina was fast asleep. So the airhostess tapped her and to wake her up to request the actress to follow by the take-off rules. Katrina was livid when the airhostess tapped her. “How dare you touch me? Don`t you know who I am?” she is heard to have said.

An embarrassed airhostess simply apologised and went away, with other co-passengers looking on and wondering what the commotion was all about. However, Katrina`s manager denies that any such incident happened. “There`s a chance that she may have gone to sleep. But Katrina wouldn`t get furious for somebody having woken her up by tapping her,” she explained, the report said.

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