Angry Anushka Sharma locked herself in vanity van!

Anushka SharmaReportedly, Bollywood actress, who was shooting for an ad film of skin care brand, turned down to come out of her vanity van when she has seen a model was dressed similar to her look. After spotting an extra, who had put on similar make-up and hairstyle as her, Anushka Sharma got so angry that she locked herself in her vanity van and till the other girl’s look was changed.

As per source from the sets, “Anushka is a very sorted actress. But that day turned out to be a bit different. She was very miffed and went back to her vanity van and refused to return for the shoot until the other girl’s look was changed. It was only after the extra’s hair and make-up were altered that Anushka finally agreed to resume shooting.”

While on the other side Anushka Sharma’s spokesman vehemently refused the buzz saying, “There isn’t an iota of truth in this.”

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