An Encounter Between Rhea Chakraborty and an Unidentified Chaser

The VJ-turned-actress Rhea Chakraborty, who appeared in last year’s film Mere Dad Ki Maruti, was chased by an unidentified man who then groped her on the ground floor of her building.


Rattled by the incident, Rhea lodged a non-cognizable (NC) complaint at the Khar police station, which, incidentally, is just about 150 meters from her residence.

Rhea told reporters; “I got out of my car at around 5:30pm and was walking towards my building when a man started following me. I let him walk ahead and he hid near the staircase. I walked into the elevator and as it was about to close, this man yanked it open and forced himself on me.”

Not one to pull her punches, the young actress kicked him on the stomach and the man fell out of the elevator.

I started screaming and was about to grab his throat when he took to his heels. Then I filed an NC complaint. It was a scary episode,” she revealed.

Asked if the man was frequent visitor to the building, Rhea said she didn’t know. She has been asked to identify the man through pictures captured on a CCTV camera outside her building.

The cops assume he is a stalker. I remember something similar had happened to Shruti Haasan a few months ago. If such a thing can happen so close to the police station, it can happen anywhere and with anyone,” the actress said.

Filmmaker Tarun Mansukhani, on hearing this news, took to social networking site and posted; “Shockd n hurt 2 hr of my frnd being groped in her building.”

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