Amit Sadh Advised To Take Bed Rest After He Fractured His Leg

Reportedly, actor Amit Sadh had injured his leg while he was shooting for Subhash Kapoor’s film Guddu Rangeela on the sets as he fell down. The actor’s leg was fractured and he says he would have to take rest for 3 weeks.


It is a routine fracture. I don’t know how exactly it happened. I was shooting when I stumbled and slipped. Before I knew it, I felt an acute pain in my right leg,” he said.

Amit has been advised to take complete bed rest. He returned to Mumbai from Shimla.

It’s no big deal. I am used to pain of all kinds. In order to walk, one first needs to crawl and then stumble and fall. I am right now in that stage of my life where I am learning to walk. I don’t mind the fall,” Amit said.

For Amit, these days are extremely eventful.

The past year has been like a hurricane for me. Suddenly after years of struggle I finally stumbled on some success. And now just when I was enjoying that success, I fractured my leg. This is god’s way of reminding me to keep my feet planted firmly on to earth,” the actor said.

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