Akshay Kumar receives extortion phone calls, suspects domestic help

Earlier we’d seen Akshay Kumar at the Mumbai Crime Branch. He visited to talk about his roles in supporting the Mumbai police in managing the escalating crimes against females. But now it looks that he went there for yet another reason. Recently, Akshay Kumar has received extortion phone calls from a gangster.

Akshay Kumar

The gangster has asked for the actor an amount of Rs. 5 crores. Akshay Kumar informed the police that he suspected his ex domestic help behind this extortion call. Akshay dismissed his domestic help earlier. Speaking about the domestic help, a crime branch official said, “He had been working for Akshay for quite some time and wanted remuneration for his years of service, which Akshay refused. Angered, the man passed on information about the star and his lifestyle to the underworld.”

As per sources the gangster is known as Ravi Pujari. In the last couple of weeks, he has several phone calls to Akshay Kumar regarding the extortion money and isn’t ready to settle down from his 5 crores demand.

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