Akshay Kumar’s bodyguard allegedly slapped a doctor

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s bodyguard allegedly slapped a doctor, who was wanting to come close to the actor, during a film shoot outside a residential building in Malad, Mumbai.

Akshay Kumar

Dr. Shailesh Sharma, 33 is from Delhi and is staying with his family members in Mumbai, these days. Today, in the morning, when he saw that the filming is going on, he tried to see Akshay from close and that’s when the actor’s bodyguard pushed and abused him. When Sharma asked him for his rude actions, he slapped him.

Post this episode, Sharma called his family members for help and they informed the police control room. The police later took both, Sharma and the actor’s bodyguard to the police station. Akshay Kumar left the premises shortly after the incident.

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