Is Akshay Kumar Angry With Nargis Fakhri?

Is Akshay Kumar angry with Nargis Fakhri? if yes then why he’s angry with the Rockstar babe?

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As we’ve observed that the actress Nargis Fakhri is quite unprofessional. She had given dates to the remake of the 1982 movie Shaukeen in which she was to feature with Akshay Kumar as leading lady. However, she asked the makers of the film to revise her dates as she got an offer from Hollywood by the filmmaker Paul Feig.


The actress preferred Hollywood over Bollywood as she is American and informed the filmmakers of Shaukeen at the last minute. This didn’t go okay with the makers and they dropped the actress out of the project.

Nargis often expressed her desire to work with Akshay so his production house signed a three-film deal with the actress. Akshay even suggested her name for remake of Shaukeen.

We’ve also heard that Nargis was offered to play Akshay’s leading lady in 2012 film Khiladi 786. But reportedly she was dropped out as she was too fair and attractive to play Mithun Chakraborty’s sister in the movie. However, she was dropped out as her managing agency was acting too high-handed and demanding.

That’s what could be the main reason why Akshay is angry with Nargis. We hope her Hollywood debut isn’t as bad as her Bollywood one. The actress is apparently acting pricey and it won’t make a good impression on the Bollywood filmmakers.

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