Akshay fools Bipasha Basu

He’s got a name for playing pranks on his co-stars and friends, so Akshay Kumar was just living up to that tag when he in recent times fooled Bipasha Basu. Here’s how it happened. Akshay Kumar was shooting at a studio in Mumbai, and Bips got there too.

When she heard that he was around, she wanted to meet him. And so Bipasha started to look for Akshay, but she just couldn’t find him.It turns out that Akshay Kumar was right in front of her all the time, except that he was dressed up as an old man!

And he made poor Bips go through the search routine for almost 30 minutes before taking off the costume and make-up to show her who he really was. It’s another score for prankster Akshay but when’s someone going to play a prank on him? Will Bipasha Basu be game?

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