Aditya Chopra Turns down To Release ‘Dhoom 3’ In Non-Digitised Cinemas

While the viewers are very excited to watch Aamir Khan starrer Dhoom 3, some, especially in smaller cities, may miss it, as the maker of the movie Aditya Chopra has made a decision to not screen the movie in the cinemas which aren’t equipped to display the it digitally.

Dhoom 3

Aditya had sent a message to film exhibitors across country, 8 weeks ago, that if they don’t go digital they’ll miss Dhoom 3, as he has made a decision to do away with physical reels of the film. Most single screen cinemas don’t have digital technology and therefore will miss the movie. Though this will result in big losses, YRF is ready to pay the price as this is their way to combat piracy.

Release of films through digital and UFO digital cinema prevents piracy as the prints are watermarked and fingerprints and can be traced back as each water mark is different for several theatre/movie and through it, time and location of the act can be detected.

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