Abhishek on Aishwarya: “I make her look good”

Actor Abhishek Bachchan is apparently taking credit for all the praise that is being showered on his beautiful wife in a recent amfAR Gala at Cannes Film Festival 2014.


The actor shared a snap of him with his beloved wife Aishwarya Rai at amfAR Gala. Abhishek posted this snap on twitter which shows the pair looking deeply into each other’s eyes.

Along with the picture, Abhishek wrote; “I make her look good!! Then again… anybody compared to me will look good!.

Almost 52hrs without sleep! Eyes shutting… and the Mrs. Shows up looking like this!! Ok.. Eyes wide open now! ,” he posted.

A few days back, Abhishek also angrily retorted to rumors about his split with Aishwarya.

Ok…. So I believe I’m getting divorced. Thanks for letting me know! Will you let me know when I’m getting re-married too? Thanks. #muppets,” Abhishek added.

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