Abhishek Bachchan turns rap singer

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan is ready to turn a rapper once more after a effective stint with he sang previous in his movie ‘Bluffmaster’.

After 6 very long yrs, Abhishek would wield the mike solely to make a hip hop track in his upcoming movie ‘DMD ‘. The movies sees him playing a policeman in Goa.

It ‘s only been times that Abhishek came back to India after going to the Oscars awards in america together with Aishwarya, and the work project after almost a month-long vacation that he got was to record this particular hip hop track in the studio.

Don’t understand why he`s confident that I’m able to sing!! Abhi says. The film’s songs is written by Pritam, and if sources are to be thought the hip hop variety has a groovy and hip beat.

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