Abhay Deol faces financial problems, mortgages his flat

Actor Abhay Deol is apparently facing financial issues after his very first production ‘One By Two’ fared badly at the box-office. The actor has reportedly taken a loan against his property due to financial problems. Mid-Day report says the actor had to mortgage his Juhu smooth to take care of his financial woes. A public notice in this regard has been released. While there are no particular details about the loan volume, Abhay’s Juhu 2BHK apartment is estimated to be close to Rs 2-4 crore.

Abhay Deol

Confirming his financial issues to Mid-Day, the actor says that he had availed a loan for which he had to give documents for this property as surety. A source close to the actor says that the actor is presently staying in another house of his in Santacruz, Mumbai. If he isn’t able to play back his loan, then the bank would take his Juhu apartment, announce it as a Non-Performing Asset and then auction it off.

Abhay Deol Started facing financial issues when his film One By Two flopped and did horrible business at the box-office.  The movie was made on an estimated costs of Rs 8 crore and the actor faced serious losses along with 5 other people, who made it.



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