Aamir Khan turns down 200 scripts in the last 12 months

Aamir KhanAamir Khan, who started his production house by making Lagaan in 2000 has known to have rejected 200 scripts in the last 12 months including the scripts from leading directors such as Vishay Bharadwaj, Pradeep Sarkar and Priyadarshan.

However all the top league production houses in the Bollywood have lined up their releases for 2014 and started to make plans for 2015 releases. But Aamir Khan productions hasn’t even okayed one project after ‘Talaash’ even after receiving flooded with lots of scripts monthly. As per the staff at AK Productions, they receive around 15 scripts monthly which go through a 3 round scrutiny before going to Aamir Khan himself to give the ultimate wave. It’s been said that out of 200 scripts that they’ve got last year only 15 made it to last round but Aamir Khan has put the thumbs down for those too.

Checking the frame of mind of Aamir Khan it obviously ensures that he doesn’t intend to make films for the money but instead he desires to deliver the classics which are par to his factory products and after ‘Talaash’ didn’t do that well Aamir Khan has become even more careful and selective.

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