Aamir Khan To Stay Back In America For Dental Treatment

After Shahrukh Khan’s back problem and Salman Khan’s nerve treatment and, it’s Aamir Khan’s turn to need a doctor. Lately, Aamir has been facing dental issues and has made a decision to finally go for a check-up!

Sources say he’s been neglecting his health issues for some time due to his hectic schedule. In the last couple of months, Aamir was hectic filming back to back, which kept him on his toes. We find out that he’s finished a schedule of ‘Dhoom: ‘3 and has finally taken time off to the America where he plans to get his dental treatment.

A source close to the actor says, “Aamir Khan has been overloaded with work of late. He didn’t have time to be with his family which is why Kiran and their son spent time with him in Rajasthan. Now that he has completed a part of the ‘Dhoom: 3’ shoot, he flew to Los Angeles and decided to get that out of the way.”

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