Aamir Khan to play villain in Rajinikanth flick ROBOT 2?

2 giant actors like Rajinikanth and Aamir Khan, are all set to work in Shankar’s forthcoming film Robot 2, which will be a sequel to an earlier film featuring Aishwarya Rai in the female lead. The buzz doing the rounds in the industry is that Shankar has already greeted Aamir Khan to play a negative role in the movie opposite Rajinikanth and talks are going on without problems.

Aamir Khan

In any case, Aamir Khan has not finalized any film and it would not be surprising if he goes for the Shankar’s movie. It may be recalled that it is 2nd effort on the part of Shankar to cast Aamir Khan in Robot franchise as earlier too he had contacted the star before Rajinikanth agreed to do the flick. In fact, Aamir Khan was the option to play the lead in Robot before Rajinikanth but the project could not go to its fruition at that time.

Shankar, the first instalment of the movie starred Aishwarya Rai in the lead character. Shankar initially wanted to cast Shah Rukh Khan as the male lead in the 2010 release, however the deal did not work out due to creative issues. The director then contacted Aamir Khan, who also turned it down and finally Rajinikanth was roped in.

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