Aamir Khan Decided To Took Into The Matter Between Salman and Photographers

Superstar Aamir Khan is reportedly had a word with photographers over their ongoing ban on his friend actor Salman Khan. The actor, who recently appeared with his daughter Ira Khan at charity football match, is in full supports of his friend Salman.


“On Sunday, Salman and Jacqueline Fernandez had attended the match. However, most of photographers covering the event didn’t take his pictures. Later on, once Salman stepped away from the group, the photographers took snaps of everyone else,” a source told reporters.

On his part, Salman has gone on record to say that it is the photographers’ choice if they want to click his pictures or not. In fact, at the last few promotional occasions for ‘Kick’, he is said to have made snide remarks about paparazzi. However his friend Aamir seems to have decided to look into the issue.

“While interacting with media, Aamir got to know about photographers’ ongoing ban on Salman and he had a word with the lensmen. He has apparently promised them that he will try talking to Salman and see what he can do to resolve the issue,” source said.

Interestingly, after the recent match, Salman hugged Abhishek Bachchan. Photographers present at the event chose to not to photograph the duo hugging each other.

However Aamir’s spokesman was unavailable for comment.

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