Aamir Khan cancels all his endorsement deals worth Rs 150 Crs

While many celebs in Bollywood receive a lot of funds through their brand endorsements, it looks like Aamir Khan is ready to sacrifice them, all for a cause.

Aamir Khan has terminated Rs 150 crore worth of endorsements to concentrate on his social campaign through the TV show Satyamev Jayate.

During the 1st season, Aamir barred his promos from broadcast during the show to stay away from the brands cashing in on the show. Affirming the decision to cancel his endorsements, Aamir told to Mid-Day, “I have terminated all my endorsement agreements.” Aamir wants to go for an image makeover, says a Mid-Day source near to the actor. ”

Aamir is now going for a total image makeover and desires to go the social way. He wants to get associated with social causes only.”

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