Aamir’s confessions about Salman Khan’s wedding

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is famous for his late entrance timing while making everybody wait minimum for 2 to 3 hrs. Both actors were expected to come collectively for the release of a cafe in the city, but while Aamir was able to make it for the do, Salman couldn’t. On the other hand the missing actor’s daddy Salim Khan and  brother Sohail Khan made-up for Salman Khan’s absence.

And, it’s in their attendance  that Aamir got discussing about Salman Khan’s commitment phobic methods. It appears that the pleasant chit chat between these 2 celebrities is something that will absolutely maintain all hooked!

Aamir Khan, who sees Salman Khan commitment phobic, answered to the billion dollar query. If Salman dithers anymore on his wedding, he’ll perforce be taken to the ceremony mentioned Aamir at a Party  on Wednesday evening.

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